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IV Infusion Therapy Program

Your life experience is happening nowhere else but in your body. How, therefore, can you have a pleasant life experience without a healthy body? But your body alone does not produce most vitamins required to perform a variety of essential functions like enhancing the immune system, among a plethora of others.

Garrisonville Urgent Care has introduced the “IV Infusion Therapy” service in its new IV infusion suite. This therapy administers intravenously specialized formulations of vitamins, fluids, and antioxidants for increased absorption, vital energy, and potency. Additional medicinal infusions could be tailored to each individual case on the basis of our assessment.

Fight off infections, say yes to your physical well-being – you can’t go wrong with it! Contact us today to find out more!

General Information



• We accept all major insurances.
• We work closely with non-insurers and provide them with the most affordable services.

• Influenza   • Pneumonia    • Workers' comp    • Bone injury
• Muscle sprains   • Laceration repair    • Animal and bug bites
• Cold, Flus, Bronchitis, Strep throat    • Ear, Nose, Throat infections
• Acute Gynecological problems
• Removal of minor lesions, skin tags, moles and wart
• Updated diagnostic techniques    • Modern treatment plan

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