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No matter if it is influenza or pneumonia, a case of worker’s comp, bone injury or muscle sprains, we diagnose, treat and heal you. Garrisonville Urgent and Primary Care Clinic is designed to provide qualitative, innovative and research-based patient-centric primary care, urgent care, occupational medicine and more. We are considered leaders in non-emergency room urgent care, with a majority of our patients receiving most updated diagnostic techniques and modern treatment plan. We accept majority of the insurances and offer most affordable pricing for non-insurers.

Our Health Care Providers

Galam A Khan, MD


Jing Britton, NP

Jing Britton is a board-certified nurse practitioner in Stafford County, Fredericksburg, VA for nearly 10 years. She joined Garrisonville Urgent Care, in Summer 2017. She is dedicated to provide patient-centered care as a nurse practitioner. She specializes in Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Integrated Medicine. She believes in building rapport with patients so they feel comfortable and supported. She focuses on disease prevention and healthy lifestyle promotion. She strives to provide each patient personalized care tailored to his/her individual needs.

Mrs Britton received her undergraduate education from Virginia Commonwealth University, her master's degree in nursing from George Mason University in collaboration with George Washington University. She enjoys serving the local community she lives in.

Our Dedicated Staff Members

• Monica Torres, MA    • Lauren Davidson, MA    • Lamisha Mamun    • Lesley Sohan    • Emily Britton   • Maggie Dimatulac        • Alison Everett   • Judy Sohan   • Ashley Cremision, NP

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