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What if a baseball is fiercely heading toward you? You will wear a helmet, grab your bat, and whack it out of the park. Scientists all over the world are preparing the bat for you. You please wear the helmet! Besides, we recognize that although the threat of Coronavirus may be unnerving, the vast majority of individuals, who contract Coronavirus, deal with symptoms similar to a bad cold or flu and recover! 

Here are a few ways to protect yourself against the attack of Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19). They are fairly simple to adopt to your daily life style.

1. Wash your hands well with liquid soap once every couple of hours or vary the frequency as required. Rub your hands for 20 to 25 seconds until the soap reaches every tiny part of your hands. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely. Do not do it hurriedly. Do it with care. When you cannot wash your hands, hand sanitizer, having a minimum of 60% alcohol, could be used. Try to refrain from touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.

2. First clean, then disinfect frequently touched parts of your home or office every day, for example, doorknobs, table surfaces, hard dining chairs (seat, back, and arms), kitchen counters, bathroom counters, faucets and faucet knobs, toilets (seat and handle), light switches, TV remote controls, game controllers, keyboard, mouse, mousepad, computer boot switch, etc.

3. The Coronavirus is thought to spread primarily person-to-person, within six feet, when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Wearing a face mask could prevent the virus from entering your system. On the other hand, if you get infected and are caughing or sneezing, the mask could lower the possibility of infection for those around you. Those who are most at risk of serious illness include the elderly and those with a pre-existing medical condition. The best way to prevent Coronavirus is to stay away from people you know are sick, or who are under investigation for the virus. Caution: Do not touch the front side of the mask while putting it on or off or during use. Use the strings to touch it.

4. Avoid touching people with bare hands. Replace hand-shake with non-tactile gesture.

5. Stay home, avoid crowd, until your bat is ready for the smack!

The most common symptoms of Coronavirus include fever and cough, congestion or shortness of breath. If you have recently traveled and/or have been exposed to someone with Coronavirus, contact your doctor immediately and get tested for flu and then Coronavirus if flu test is negative. Virtual, tele-visit at our clinic is now available as precautionary measure. Please call us to schedule.

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